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"Spend less time and money on your year end accounts....

          put the savings to good use"

"Save up to 60% of accountancy costs"

       Call now for an initial informal discussion of how CASDon may help you make the pennies go further. 


CASDon provides independent examination  services for third sector organisations. It is a statutory requirement for charities with annual income of up to £1 million and assets up to £3.26 million, to have their accounts independently examined by suitably qualified professional accountants. Above this threshold an Audit is required. 



Accounts of third sector organisations are particularly complex and specialised. A certain level of expertise is therefore required to prepare them in the format that comply with statutory requirement. Our accountants are specialist charity professionals who understand how charities work and they can help to ensure that you comply with both charity and company                 law requirements.

Your payroll is in good hands if you entrust it to CASDon. You can concentrate on  what you do best, serving your community. We take the hassle out of payroll and give you the peace of mind knowing that you are meeting deadlines and complying with all relevant regulations and legal requirements.




Management accounts help your organisation to take control of its finances. We can provide you the back office services enabling you to have the relevant information on time, maintain control of your finances and make decisions at the right time. Financial accounts prepared at the year end serve their purpose, but they cannot be used to take corrective action  if things are going wrong during the year.

CASDon runs regular one-day training courses, workshops and surgery. Our aim is to equip you with all the basic finance knowledge and skills you'll need to achieve your financial goals. Charity Trustees and staff need appropriate levels of financial skills and knowledge, to discharge their legal responsibilities as custodians of the resources of the charity. 

We can work with you to put in place a suitable bookkeeping system so you can carry on keeping the right records for your organisation. If and when required we can do your bookkeeping for you, as a back office service; so you can concentrate on serving your clients.

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